About This Resource

This information is for you. At Alberta Health Services we believe nothing else is as important as raising a child, and we want to give you all the support we can.

  • What you will find on Healthy Parents, Healthy Children

    We asked expectant and new parents what they wanted to learn and invited health experts from across Alberta to contribute.

  • A Big Thank You!

    We want to thank the many expectant and new parents who shared their ideas. We also want to thank the experts who provided content and reviewed numerous drafts, and the people who worked on previous Alberta Health Services resources from which we’ve adapted content.

  • Healthy Parents, Healthy Children Books

    Visit your local Community/Public Health Centre to get your copy of the Healthy Parents, Healthy Children books.

  • Website Updates

    Find a list of recent changes and updates to the Healthy Parents, Healthy Children online resource.

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