Feeding Your Baby

Feeding provides your baby with the nutrition he needs every day to grow and develop. This section contains general information about feeding and specific information about breastfeeding and feeding with infant formula. You can find information about introducing solid foods in ‘Older Babies: 6 to 12 Months’. Whether you breastfeed or provide infant formula to your baby, information and support is available from Alberta Health Services.

  • Breastfeeding

    There is lots to learn about breastfeeding. Learn about what to expect, how to breastfeed your baby, how to tell if baby is getting enough, feeding expressed breastmilk, when to get help and more.

  • Formula Feeding your baby

    If you feed your baby infant formula, the formula chosen should meet your baby's nutritional and medical needs. It is also necessary to follow safe preparation guidelines. Here you'll learn about infant formula and how to safely prepare different types.

  • Burping your baby

    Burping helps babies get rid of air bubbles in their stomachs. Find out how to burp your baby.

  • Safe Feeding Equipment

    If you are feeding expressed breastmilk or infant formula to babies, it is important to follow instructions to keep your baby safe. Learn how to sterilize all equipment used to prepare and store milk for babies.

  • Feeding Relationship and Feeding Cues

    The feeding relationship is like any other relationship between a parent and child. It is important for healthy eating and it changes as your baby gets older. Find out how to know when your baby is hungry and when your baby is full by understanding his feeding cues.

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