First Trimester: The Beginning

The first trimester begins with many changes you may or may not notice. You may not even realize you’re pregnant yet. The tiny embryo settles into your uterus. Some parts of your body start to feel tender. As your body provides plenty of food and a safe, warm place, your baby grows from an embryo into a fetus. In this section you’ll learn lots of ways to help you through this part of your pregnancy.

  • Healthy body and mind

    One of the best things you can do for you and your baby is take good care of yourself physically and emotionally. Here are some great suggestions.

  • Changes in mom and baby

    Some of the changes brought on by pregnancy are quite pleasant. Who would complain if they had glowing skin and warm toes? However, some changes are not as pleasant, like nausea and feeling tired all the time. This chart shows the changes you and your baby will go through during the first trimester.

  • Prenatal care and tests

    During your first trimester, you will have your first prenatal check-up, as well as some routine tests to determine that you and your baby are healthy. Learn more these tests.

  • Planning ahead

    The first trimester is a good time to start planning ahead for labour, birth and beyond. You may be thinking about how you plan to feed your baby, who will help you during your labour, and what parenting will be like. Learn more about these decisions.

  • Feeling uncomfortable? Here's what you can do

    You’ll notice lots of different kinds of changes during the first trimester. These changes can sometimes be uncomfortable—but remember that they’re normal and very common. Learn more about these changes.

  • If pregnancy doesn't go as expected

    Learn more about miscarriage, possible causes and warning signs.

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