Healthy Growing Families

Here you'll get an overview of many things that will help your family stay healthy. General information about eating, sleeping and other everyday activities during the early years is included. You can also learn about preventing injuries and dealing with common health concerns.

  • Growing together as a family

    Learn how parents and other caregivers can give children the healthy foundation they need during their early years.

  • Eating

    Babies and children need healthy food to help them grow. Their needs will change as they get older. Learn more about developing a healthy feeding relationship and the importance of food safety.

  • Everyday Care

    Keeping babies and children clean, and teaching them good personal care will help them stay healthy. Here you will learn important everyday care tips and advice.

  • Family Health

    Learn how regular visits with health care providers and keeping your home environment clean will increase the chance of everyone in your family staying healthy.

  • Common health concerns for babies and children

    Here you'll find helpful tips and advice about common health concerns for babies and children.

  • Preventing injuries

    Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability for children in Alberta. Learn more about keeping your family safe, prevent injuries as a parent and being prepared for common problems.

  • Growing and Learning with your child

    Your child learns in many ways through the early years. Learn how to support her by understanding how she is learning and doing what you can to help her at each stage.

  • Taking care of yourselves

    Being a parent can be very rewarding, but sometimes parents of young children can feel isolated and lonely. Meeting with and talking to other parents can help. Here are some ways you can connect with other parents.

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