Common health concerns for babies and children

This section describes a number of common health concerns for older babies and children. There are specific guidelines for health concerns for newborns and babies under 6 months old.

  • Call 911 if your child is:

    • blue in colour
    • wheezing or having trouble breathing
    • breathing much faster or slower than usual
    • sleepy and not responding to your attempts to wake her up
  • Growth

    Healthy growth is different for each child.

  • Body temperature and fever

    One of the signs of illness is a high or low body temperature. Learn more about fevers, when you should take your child's temperature and how to take their temperature.

  • Diarrhea, constipation and throwing-up

    Vomiting and diarrhea are common in young children, but it's important to know when to get help.

  • Skin rashes and diaper rash

    Children’s skin is very sensitive so rashes may develop easily. Find out how to prevent diaper rash and what can cause a rash.

  • Respiratory illnesses

    Children often get colds. Find more about common respiratory illnesses and when to call your health care provider.

  • Ear infections

    Ear infections are one of the most common reasons for children to visit their health care provider. Learn more about the symptoms of an ear infection.

  • Nosebleeds

    Nosebleeds can be common in children but aren’t usually serious. Find out what to do if your child has a nosebleed and when to call your health care provider.

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