Developmental charts

While each child grows and develops at his own pace, his overall development follows a pattern. Here you'll find some of the developmental tasks and milestones for older babies from 6 to 12 months.

Development | 6 to 12 months

Developmental stage

This is the doing stage, a time when it's important for your child to keep practicing earlier tasks as well as to:

  • explore and discover—to learn about his surroundings by moving, grasping, touching and tasting

What to expect


  • sits up with support, then sits by himself
  • rolls and crawls
  • picks up things with fingers and thumb
  • helps or resists dressing/undressing
  • helps or resists feeding
  • gets first teeth
  • has more organized sleep patterns; more able to settle self back to sleep during night
  • usually naps twice during the day
  • pulls up to stand and walks holding furniture
  • triples birth weight (by 1 year)

Cognitive (learning and thinking)

  • babbles a lot; imitates sounds and actions
  • starts to recognize words and simple phrases
  • gets excited at the sight of food
  • realizes things exist even when out of sight
  • responds to own name
  • points to familiar things
  • continues to explore by putting things in mouth
  • says a few words, not always clearly
  • starts to remember and likes routines
  • likes to stack, nest and put things in containers


  • may show fear or anxiety over people and situations that didn't bother him before
  • likes to stay close to parents/primary caregiver
  • shows pleasure when parents/primary caregiver return
  • seeks comfort when upset
  • starts to read emotions of others


  • enjoys games such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake
  • may be anxious around strangers
  • may cry or cling when parents leave
  • plays purposefully with toys
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