Labour and birth: The big event

This is it! Your body and your baby have been preparing for this moment for quite some time. Knowing what to expect and trusting your body will help build your confidence and prepare you for this amazing experience. In this section you’ll learn about the process of labour and birth, ways to work with your body’s natural instincts and many helpful coping and comfort strategies.

  • Knowing what to expect

    We know that the birthing process is mostly the same for every woman—it’s the birthing experience and the emotions you’ll feel that vary from person to person. Learn about your body and labour, what happens during labour and birth and about your birth centre.

  • The three stages of labour and birth

    Learn about the 3 stages of labour and birth.

  • Working with your body during labour

    The most important job you have in labour is doing whatever it takes to help your body do its job. Learn tips and ways to stay relaxed.

  • Pain in labour

    Pain is a normal part of labour—wondering about the pain of labour is a normal part of pregnancy. Learn more on the purpose of pain, relief for pain, tips when providing labour support.

  • Positions for labour

    In this section, you'll learn about helpful positions for labour, how these positions can help and how to respond to back labour.

  • Procedures during labour and birth

    During labour and birth, your health care provider may suggest one or more medical procedures to help you or your baby. The benefits and risks of some common procedures are provided. Learn more about these procedures.

  • Caesarean birth

    A caesarean birth, or C-section, is when your baby is born with the help of an incision (cut) made into your abdomen and uterus. Some caesarean births are planned. Others are done in an emergency. Learn more caesarean birth.

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