Older Babies: 6 to 12 Months

The time when your baby is 6–12 months old is a source of wonder. At 6 months old, your baby is still completely dependent on you. He’s also becoming his own person and starting to explore the world around him. Your relationship with your baby changes as he becomes more mobile and learns to express himself. By the time he’s 12 months old, he may be walking, swaying to music and saying a few words like “bye-bye”.

  • Eating

    Eating is a fun and exciting time for your 6-12 month old. Your baby's feeding patterns will change, he will start eating solids and feeding himself with finger foods. The following section will help you learn about all of these changes.

  • Everyday Care

    Your older baby needs you to help him stay healthy. Learn how to care for your baby's teeth and mouth, healthy sleep habits, and tips on coping with a crying baby.

  • Developmental charts

    While each child grows and develops at his own pace, his overall development follows a pattern. Here you'll find some of the developmental tasks and milestones for older babies from 6 to 12 months.

  • Family Health

    Keeping your family health includes a safe and clean home, and regular check-ups with your family physician. Learn more here.

  • Growing and learning with your older baby

    Older babies continue to make amazing changes week by week. All areas of your baby’s development are interconnected. Learn more about the growth and development of your baby.

  • Preventing Injuries

    Once they start moving, babies want to go everywhere and do everything. Encourage your baby to discover, but watch closely while he explores to help him stay safe. Learn more about preventing injuries here.

  • Growing Together

    As your baby grows from 6–12 months old, she is able to do more: recognize people, hold objects in her hands, sit up, crawl, stand and eventually walk. Learn more about your baby's growth during these months.

  • Taking Care of Yourselves

    A baby will bring lots of changes to your life. Go here to learn about ways to care for yourself.

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