Overview of being a parent

You’ve been parents since you first found out you were having a baby. Parenthood may feel more real now that you have brought your baby home. Whether you are new to parenting or have been parents for a while, you will have questions. In the time between now and when your child starts school, you’ll have many more. It may seem hard to believe that it's really only about 2,000 days between your child's birth and his first day of kindergarten. As parents, you have a huge impact on your child’s development during these first 2,000 days. It’s your relationship with your child and what you do everyday that really makes a difference.

  • Understanding how children develop

    By understanding how children typically grow and develop, parents and other caregivers can better understand how to support them at each stage. Learn more about different aspects of your child's development here.

  • Supporting healthy child development

    By understanding the developmental milestones, tasks and stages, you will better understand how you can support your child's development. Learn more about supporting healthy child development.

  • Parents and Children

    Some mothers and fathers have lots of experience with children, others have very little. Learning to be a parent takes time. Learn more here.

  • Your Family in the Early Years

    There are many things you can do to help children grow, learn, explore and be healthy as your family adjusts to changes during the early years. Learn more about adjusting to your new baby and more about child care options.

  • Taking care of yourselves

    Becoming a parent can be a big transition and can bring a lot of changes. Learn more about the importance of taking time to focus on your health, well-being and relationships.

  • Your Community

    A community of support contributes to a family’s overall health and development. Learn more about supportive communities here.

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