Understanding how children develop

By understanding how children typically grow and develop, parents and other caregivers can better understand how to support them at each stage. Growth means the changes in your child's body (e.g., height and weight). Development means the changes in your child's physical abilities, thinking and emotional skills. Development affects what your child can do, how he gets along with others and how he learns, thinks and reacts to his feelings.

  • Brain Development - The Early Years

    The brain guides growth and development. By understanding how the brain works, you can help children develop and grow. Here are some things to know about your child's developing brain.

  • Interactions support brain development

    For healthy brain development, children need positive relationships with their moms, dads and other important people in their lives. Learn more about interactions that support brain development here.

  • Stress affects the brain

    Some stress is part of every person’s healthy development. Learn about when stress can negatively affect a child's brain, memory and lifelong health.

  • Attachment

    When your baby has a secure attachment with you, he learns to trust and will be more able to form attachments with others as he grows. Learn about how to strengthen the secure attachment your child has with you.

  • Temperament

    Part of what makes your child unique is how he thinks, behaves and responds to the world around him. This is called temperament. Learn more about it and how you can understand your child's temperament.

  • Helping children learn right from wrong

    It is important for children to learn how to tell right from wrong so they can develop into responsible, caring adults. Learn about the problem of physical punishment and how you can help your child by guiding and teaching him how to solve problems.

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