Becoming A Parent

Parenting is the art of raising a child. Parenting starts in pregnancy, long before your baby is born. By looking after yourself during pregnancy, you’re making a great start for your life as a parent. This site can answer many of your questions about pregnancy, birth, your newborn and the early years with your child.

Attachment begins in pregnancy

Attachment, the two-way emotional connection between you and your baby, begins to form even before your baby is born. For the first few months of your pregnancy, it might be hard to connect with your baby. The fact that you’re going to have a baby might not become real to you until you feel your baby move.

During the second trimester, your baby will begin to hear and recognize voices. You can strengthen the bond with your baby by talking to her in a calm voice. Singing to your unborn baby and gently stroking your abdomen (belly) can also help you build attachment. As your baby’s due date draws near, you may experience a nesting instinct to make your home safe and secure and to get everything ready as you prepare to welcome her home.

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