Preschoolers: 3 and 4 Year Olds

Preschoolers live life to the fullest. Your child is getting more independent every day. He is getting better at thinking about what might happen when he does things. He still needs you to help him learn what is and isn’t okay for him to do. As a parent you need to continue to make sure that the world around him is safe.

  • Developmental charts

    While each child grows and develops at her own pace, her overall development follows a pattern. Learn more here about developmental tasks and milestones for preschoolers, 3 and 4 years old.

  • Growing together

    As children enter their preschool years, they know what they like and dislike. Their emotions tend to be more stable and predictable. Learn how to give your preschooler chances to develop his skills and feel capable.

  • Eating

    Preschoolers have smaller appetites and stomachs than adults and find it hard to sit still for very long. They do best when they eat 3 meals and 2–3 snacks spaced evenly throughout the day. Learn more about setting healthy eating habits for life and some tips for your family when eating out.

  • Everyday care

    Your preschooler is looking for more independence, but it is still important that you help him with everyday activities. Children still need help when brushing their teeth and also in setting bedtime routines. Here you will find information and tips about teeth and mouth care, sleep routines and toilet teaching.

  • Family health

    Regular health check-ups are an important part of your family and preschooler's health. Learn more about the different health check-ups your preschooler will require.

  • Preventing injuries

    Preschoolers’ adventures can put them in risky situations. They are too young to understand danger and are still developing the physical and thinking skills to protect themselves. Learn more about how to keep your preschooler safe here.

  • Growing and learning with your preschooler

    Preschoolers go through amazing changes in just a few years. Changes are continuing in all areas of development—one area can’t develop without the other. Learn more about your preschooler's development.

  • Taking care of yourselves

    Every stage of your child’s life will bring new joys and challenges. You will continue to learn new skills as a parent, and learn new things about yourself. Here are some ways to make the most of your time.

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