When a child is being hurt by someone else with their words or actions, or is hurting someone else, it’s time for adults to act.

Bullying is a serious problem in our communities, schools and society. We can help prevent it by modelling healthy behaviour and relationships to our children.

  • Set a good example. Treat children with respect and they will learn to treat others with respect.
  • Monitor media. Children are affected by the violence they see.
  • Have open communication. Teach children to tell adults if they or someone else needs help. Listen to children when they come to you with concerns.
  • You can help your child learn to get along with others

    • Encourage her to spend time with other children. It is through play that she learns about herself and others.
    • Teach her about being kind and having empathy for other’s feelings.
    • Explain your family rules and expectations when friends come to play.
    • Listen to the sound of play. Children this age need to know that a caring adult is near. Check in with them from time to time.
    • Encourage sharing and co-operation.
    • Model problem-solving to work out conflict. Let your child practice doing this on her own—help only if she needs it.
    • Notice and comment when children are getting along with each other.
  • For more information about bullying

  • Call the Bullying Help Line at 1-888-456-2323 or visit Bully Free Alberta.
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