Second Trimester: The Middle

The start of your 13th week marks the beginning of the second trimester of your pregnancy. You may have a baby bump now. One of the most exciting changes in the second trimester is that you’ll start to feel your baby move. You may find the discomforts of early pregnancy lessen and your energy returns. You may also feel new aches and pains: the good news is that in this section you'll learn ways to cope with these.

  • Growing together

    There are many changes that happen during the second trimester. You may be feeling like your energy levels have returned and also start to experience more physical changes as you and your baby grow together. Learn more about these changes.

  • Healthy body and mind

    As your pregnancy continues, keep taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally. Both you and your baby will benefit. Learn about the benefits to being physically active and other ways you can care for yourself.

  • Feeling uncomfortable? Here's what you can do

    In the second trimester, you and your baby continue to grow and change in ways that you may find both delightful and bothersome. Here is a list of common changes, as well as suggestions for what to do about them.

  • Prenatal care and tests

    It is important to continue prenatal care throughout your pregnancy. During the second trimester, it is common to be offered an ultrasound and to have a glucose tolerance test. Learn more about these tests.

  • Planning ahead

    The second trimester is a good time to start preparing your home and yourself for your baby’s arrival. That’s because pregnant women often have more energy now than they did in the first trimester. Go here for more information and great tips.

  • If pregnancy doesn't go as expected

    Some pregnancies do not go as expected. Learn more about gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and other issues.

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