Starting off healthy

You can enjoy your pregnancy more and give your baby the best start if you stay healthy. If you feel well and take care of yourself, chances are your baby will be healthy too. This section will give you lots of ideas on how you and your partner can be healthy during this pregnancy and in the future.

  • Growing together during pregnancy

    A healthy pregnancy starts with taking care of you. When you take care of yourself you may find labour and birth easier. Learn more about some ways for you and your baby to stay healthy.

  • Eating during pregnancy

    Here's where you'll learn about eating during pregnancy, food safety, and important nutrients, fluids and fibre.

  • Healthy weight gain

    Go here to learn about healthy weight gain during pregnancy and where the weight goes.

  • Being Physically Active

    Unless you’re having complications with your pregnancy, regular physical activity is safe and healthy. Use your own health and your regular physical activity level to guide you in the activity that you choose. Learn more here.

  • Health check-ups

    Go here to get questions to ask when choosing a health care provider, your prenatal check-up schedule and information on the importance of teeth and mouth care.

  • Being healthy and preventing injuries

    Here's where you'll learn how to stay safe and keep healthy at home and at work.

  • Taking care of yourselves

    Learn about the importance of caring for your relationships, healthy sexuality, getting support, emotions and family violence.

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