Where to Go for More Information


Here you will find the contact information for programs and services available in the province of Alberta. For local support visit 'In Your Area'.

  • In Your Area

    For specific contact information for programs and services where you live, select an area in Alberta.

  • Emergency

    Here is a list of emergency contacts such as police, fire, ambulance, the Child Abuse Hotline and Poison and Drug Information Service.

  • Crisis Support

    Resources and contact information for crisis support.

  • Health services general information

    Here is a list providing general information on health services in Alberta, including health information and useful health tools.

  • Alcohol, tobacco and drug information

    Resources providing additional support and information.

  • Breastfeeding

    Resources providing information on breastfeeding support and contact information to find out where to rent or buy breast pumps in your area.

  • Child care

    Here you will find links to resources for information on child care optoins, choosing child care and childcare subsidies available to some families.

  • Child Growth and Development

    Need more information on your child's growth and development? Here are some resources that can provide information and support in raising your child.

  • Children with special needs

    Information about government and community supports, services and resources to assist children and their families.

  • Emotional and mental health

    Information about contacting the Mental Health Help Line, and finding out what resources are available to support emotional and mental health.

  • Medical and dental resources

    Looking for a pediatric dentist in your area? There are many medical and dental resources available to help you find the information you need.

  • Other pregnancy support and information

    Here is a list of resources providing information on pregnancy support including prenatal classes, doulas, pregnancy options (including adoption and abortion), birth control, STIs, and other sexual and reproductive health information.

  • Parent information and family resources

    Here are some great resources for parents including best beginning and parents matter, information on finding a mediator and human rights information for pregnant women.

  • Financial information and programs

    Information related to health benefit programs, maternity and parental leave, support for children with disabilities and resources for new parents.

  • Legal

    Here is a great resource if you need access to legal services, at no cost, to families who are involved in parenting disputes and are living separate and apart.

  • Immunizations and communicable disease resources

    Here you will find information about immunizations and schedules, information about types of vaccines and answers to common questions.

  • Other

    Here you'll find a link providing tips and tools for bullying and another link with information on helping children understand media influences.

  • Reproductive health - family planning and birth control

    Visit this resource if you need answers to common questions asked by your child, communication strategies, healthy sexual development, myths and facts on sexual health education, and print and web resources.

  • Printable Nutrition Resources

    Find a list of handouts, information sheets, and other material for parents and healthcare professionals.

  • Safety

    Here is a list of resources, including product, toy, food and general safety information to help your family stay safe.

  • Feedback Survey

    Feedback Survey

  • Translated Resources

    Here is where you can find pregnancy and parenting resources that are available in different languages.

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Where to go for more information

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