Young children: 5 Year Olds

Your 5 year old child is meeting more people and going new places. As she starts kindergarten and forms new relationships, she will learn more about getting along with others. She will begin to feel more comfortable and confident on her own, with other children and in new places. As she explores further from home she will still need your loving reassurance when she comes back to you with new thoughts and questions.

  • Developmental chart

    While each child grows and develops at their own pace, their overall development follows a pattern. Here you'll find developmental tasks and milestones and what to expect for 5 year old children.

  • Everyday care

    Your young child needs your help as they continue developing daily habits that will help them stay healthy. Here you will find helpful tips and advice on everyday care for your young child.

  • Growing and learning with your 5 year old

    Young children go through many changes in just a short time. Your child is developing many new skills. Learn more about your child's development.

  • Taking care of yourselves

    As your child gets older and begins school, your role as a parent will begin to change. Here you'll learn about how you can support yourself and your child during this transition.

  • Preventing injuries

    Your young child needs a little more freedom to explore, but is still too young to realize all the dangers around her or how to protect herself. Go here for more information on keeping your child safe.

  • Growing together

    The fifth year of a child's life is a year of change for everyone. Here you will learn about your child's growth.

  • Eating

    Young children do best when they eat 3 meals and 2–3 snacks spaced evenly throughout the day. Learn more about breakfast and the food your child needs at school.

  • Family health

    Regular health check-ups are an important part of keeping your family healthy, especially as your child gets ready to start kindergarten. Learn more about health check-ups for 5 year olds.

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