Family health

Regular health check-ups continue to be an important part of keeping your family healthy, especially as your child gets ready to start kindergarten.

Health check-ups

Overall health: Continue to protect your family’s health with regular check-ups. For more information about keeping children healthy and safe at any age, see 'Healthy Growing Families'.

Community/public health centre: Public health nurses and other health care professionals can help if you have questions or concerns about your child’s health and development, or other family issues. For information on the services at Community/Public Health Centres.

Immunizations: Up-to-date immunizations protect children and the rest of the family from many communicable diseases. Immunization becomes even more important for preventing outbreaks once children are in school. If your child’s immunizations aren’t up to date, talk to your public health nurse about how to get back on schedule.

  • Most 5 year olds:

    • rarely trip or fall
    • prefer their left or right hand
    • follow instructions
    You know your child best. If you have questions or concerns, talk to your health care provider or public health nurse.

Teeth and mouth: Regular visits to the dentist are important during this stage when baby teeth are falling out and adult teeth are coming in.

Vision and hearing: Your child will need to see and hear more details in the classroom and the gym now that she is starting school. She can have her vision checked by an optometrist once per year. No referral is needed and there is no cost. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s hearing, contact your health care provider or call Health Link toll-free in Alberta at 811. It is best to have any questions or concerns about your child's vision and hearing answered before she starts kindergarten.

  • Financial support for health costs

    You may qualify for the Alberta Child Health Benefit Plan. You may be able to get free eyeglasses, prescriptions and dental visits for your children through this plan. For information, call 310-0000 or visit Alberta Human Services.
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