Social Development

Some 5 year olds want to spend a lot of time with other children. Others would rather spend their time alone, putting things together or looking at books. This is part of a child’s temperament (learn more here). Your child still needs time with other children, with you and on her own.

Usually, children at this age are naturally curious and eager to learn. They like to be helpful. Young children enjoy group games and activities, and usually like games with rules, although they may want to change the rules as they go. Their pretend play is more creative as they try different roles and figure out what they would do, say or feel in different situations.  

  • Helping out at home

    Your 5 year old may be eager to help you around the house. It may take more time and your child may not do things perfectly. However, allowing your child to do tasks today will make a big difference later. Learn more about the benefits of helping out at home.

  • Learning to get along with others

    Your child is learning how people respond to her words and actions. She needs your support and guidance to learn to use these skills in positive ways so that she can get along with others. Find out how you can help you child learn to get along with others and what to do when friends (or siblings) argue.

  • Bullying

    When a child is being hurt by someone else with their words or actions, or is hurting someone else, it’s time for adults to act. Bullying is a serious problem in our communities; learn how you can help prevent bullying by modelling healthy behavior.

  • Starting school

    Most children start kindergarten when they are 5 years old and start grade 1 when they are 6 years old. Read more about how to help your child get a good start and adjusted to school.

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