Parents' changing roles

As your child changes and learns, you do too. As parents, you've been protectors, nurturers and teachers. Now your role is changing and you may also become their counsellors and coaches.

With your child in school, you won’t be there to fix problems. Your child will need to think things through and solve her own problems using the skills you have taught her during these first 5 years. Loving guidance helps your child keep building these skills. She will still need your support—let her know that you’re still there when she needs you.

As your child’s world expands, you can support her.

  • Talk to her about what interests her.
  • Meet her friends.
  • Introduce yourself to her teacher, the school secretary and principal.
  • Get involved in her school and other activities in whatever ways you can (e.g., read newsletters, go to school and sports events, volunteer in your child’s class).
  • Be there for comfort when she needs you.
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